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Helios F1 Habanero Pepper 150g

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About the Product: The fiery star of our garden! With its vibrant orange hue and intense heat, this premium pepper variety adds a celestial kick to any dish. Bred for optimal flavor and heat, Helios F1 delivers a perfect balance of spice and sweetness. Whether you're a seasoned pepper enthusiast or a daring culinary explorer, elevate your recipes to new heights with Helios F1 Habanero Pepper.

Weight : 150g approx.

Benefits: Helios F1 Habanero Pepper offers intense heat and vibrant flavor, perfect for spice lovers and culinary explorers. Packed with capsaicin, it not only tantalizes taste buds but may also provide health benefits like metabolism boost and pain relief. Easy to grow in various conditions, Helios F1 is a versatile addition to any garden or kitchen, elevating dishes with its fiery kick and rich flavor.

Recipes: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-use-habanero-peppers-in-your-cooking