Belize Minister of Agriculture visits hydroponics operation

Belize Minister of Agriculture visits hydroponics operation

Minister of Agriculture Abelardo Mai continues visiting agricultural producers around the country and today he went on a field day in the rural Belize district.

Minister Mai’s first stop was a visit with Jim Jones, an individual producer specializing in lettuce grown hydroponically. Apart from different types of lettuce, Jones grows other vegetables like kale, arugula, and watercress in his greenhouse using water instead of soil. The hydroponics system allows for water to be recirculated and reused and results in more and faster production.

His second stop was at the Nago Bank cooperatives in Maskall along with Area Representative Marconi Leal. The cooperative farmers reported on their accomplishments and concerns, the main of which is road access.

In the afternoon, Minister Mai took a tour of the Nago Bank tomato and watermelon fields.

His final stop was a visit with the Bomba United Farmers Group. The farmers talked to Minister Mai about their successes and the issues they have. The Bomba United Farmers are cultivating plantains, coconuts, papayas, onions, and other crops.

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